Its Kitmas, Why Do I Hear Sirens Instead of Sleighbells

Meows Effry,  did ya think I got lost.  Well I am a busy kit sometimes ya know.  Our humans finally got off der respective tayuls and fixed our pen in the out.  Soooooo, past couple of days I have been furry busy out there having fun.  Fun is impawtant ya know!  Effun humans should have fun sometimes.

Anywho, in between playing in the out, I been cruising the innerweb (internet) haffin some fun on dat facebook place and offur places like,  you really should come by sometime.  Great bunch of cats hang out there, some pretty nice humans , too.

Anywho, dats neither here nor there.  First I wanna catch you up on my little adbenture.  Remember I told ya how I was cleaning the cellar and found a secret room.  Well let me tell ya dis!  We found a old book, a kind of ledger, an it gots a name in it,  Captain Kit!  Now I don’t know iffun you are familiar with the Captain, but he was a pirate from way back when, and it looks like we found where he stashed his loot.  Now, the yungkits followed that path in the woods and it led to a cove we didn’t know anything about.  Kits being kits they decided to go swimming and unner the water they found a sunken boat.  As things stand now, Timmy has gone off to the bait shop for diving gear so the grownups can check it out!

Okeedoke, moofin on.  Now ware did I leef off.  Oh yes,  effery had arrived back in the Village from the Mew York twip.  So, anywho,  one of the things Shorty did in Mew York, was shop fur furniture an offur househowld goods.  She had bought a lodge on Mt Freshstep as an annibursary present for Pepper and they planned to spend the hollydays there.  So effery is at the lodge where the things have been delivered getting it in order.  Shorty is busy moving furniture and getting things put away.  Gramma Munchie has sacked out on the sofa in front of the fireplace.  The youngsters are off in the woods in search of da purrfect kitmas tree.  All of a sudden there is a loud thud.  Loud nuff to wake up Munchie.  She and Shorty go running to the kitchen where they find Pepper in a sooty heap in the fireplace.  Up on the roof, Sammywhee opens his eyes and gives a tug on the rope in his paws.  Utho, he thinks as it easily comes out of the chimney.  He hurries to the edge of the roof and looks down, realizing he can’t climb down on his own.  By this time the paramedkits have arrived to carry Pepper, who by this time looks more like a calico than a balack kit, off to the horsepittal (hospital). Sammy yells down for some kit to bring him a ladder and they send up the one from da fire truck.

Now membur back when Pepper went to Iraq an I meowed der was anuffur reason he was glad to get out of town for awhile?  Well, they arrive at the horsepittal and get Pepper into bed.  He opens his eyes and who does he see next to him but Giz da Elder.  Awhile back, Pepper had given Giz a blow-up doll, which did just that, exploding in Gizs’ paws and Giz has been in the horspittal all this time recuperating with the able assistance of Dr Tuxie and the juniour motorcycle club.  Shorty walks into the room and is happy she had the foresight to bring along her parasol, cause the way things seem to be heating up she just might need it.  The sight of it is enough to send Giz back to his bed.   Next morning Dr Tuxie gives his report…

I’ll start with the easy pashents.
First, the tiny tuxie, Pavo, who has been sleeping on GizDaElder’s left shoulder all night is perfectly healfy and has, in fact, lost her first babykit toof.
Second, the tiny tiger, Sirius, has responded well to antibiotics and his fever and infection are gone.
And now the main patient. GizDaElder has responded well to care from the burn unit for his many abrasions, contusions, scuffs, bumps, and other injuries caused by the exploding dollkit. He still needs care from the nurses to change his bandages and medicate all the injuries. However, having the babykits snuggled in with him has allowed us to reduce his blood pressure medicine by half and since he fell asleep with the babykits, allowed us to eliminate his sleeping medicine. His appetite is improving, and he will soon be on whole foods, although we won’t make him catch them himself at his age. His foods will be farm-raised and lightly roasted as soon as we can remove enough bandages to allow him to sit up. Luckily for him, the explosion didn’t damage any of his sharp, white teeth so he will be able to put them to good use.
Now for this multicolored Peppir. Is dis the very same Peppir who brought GizDaElder in last time after subjecting him to unacceptable G forces during the ambulance ride? If so–this is gonna take a villaje.

Transcribed and typed by Perseus

and a couple days later…

We have had to call in security to separate Shorty, Pepper, and GizDaElder. GizDaElder is now sedated and tucked back into his bed where we are working desperately to get his blood pressure back down. Luckily, he did not reopen his multiple lacerations, abrasions, scuffs, bumps or bruises.
Pepper is now in a strait-jacket and is guarded by the Serval Guard. He is sedated also and is being treated for his multiple personality disorder caused (apparently) by a time travel device created and owned by one Sammywhee Raccoon, the engineer extrordinaire.
We have Shorty tucked into bed. Her parasol is in the hopsital safe while we decide what to do with it. A good night’s rest should return her to her senses. (Her and Pepper’s many kittlins are napping in the Green Room quite safely after eating supper and catching some snacks.)
The villaje kits who have been caring for GizDaElder are pacing the floor. They refuse to be distracted by the variety of healthful snacks that are running around their pawkies. If they don’t eat and go to bed soon, I’ll be forced to give them mild sedatives. Then again, they might be coming down with kittenpox.

Dr Tuxie

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, holliday time in Meowchat Village

Today we gots something a little different for you.  I haven’t told you about Princess Lynsi who runs the village jewlery shop.   Anywho, hur mommy also makes jewelry and I wanted to share sum of the lovely meowmorial pieces she has made fur folks who have lost furrfrends to the bridge….

Photo: This is the front and back of one of the memorial pendants I recently made for two dear friends.  This is one pendant,  with the flower side being the front, and the glass-paneled back showing the fur/hair enclosed of the friends' beloved pets.                                                         Photo: These earrings were a special order for a customer last year after she lost her beloved dog, Chevy.  i'm currently working on a memorial necklace for her after the loss of her cat.  I've also made memorial pendants with mementos tucked inside ... to keep close to your heart.  It's a unique way to keep your pet close to you always.

Photo: This necklace was made as a Christmas gift for a friend.  The photo is terrible, as I took it late at night with bad lighting, but ... you get the idea.  ;)This one she made fur mommy,, see da kits head above the flowers and the parasol at the bottom…

Photo: These memorial-style pendants were recently sent to their new owner.  ;)     Photo: This is the front and back of one of the memorial pendants I recently made for two dear friends.  This is one pendant,  with the flower side being the front, and the glass-paneled back showing the fur/hair enclosed of the friends' beloved pets.Photo: Showing both different memorial pendants.  The one to the left has the glass panel on the back; the one to the right is plain on the back.  Both have enclosed fur, hair, and other tiny mementos of their beloved Rainbow Bridge pets.  Necklaces were also added.Photo: Just the memorial pendants, with special remembrances and mementos tucked inside the hearts.

these will hold a bit of fur or other small memento inside

and just one more….every so often she has a giveaway…..Photo: Another view of the necklace for the giveaway!  See the other photo/post on this page for information on how to win it!  Some lucky person will win this one…

go to    to enter and just follow the simple instructions!

ok, time to go , the gang will be gathering at  in a few minutes…come on by an meow hello!



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