A Visit to the Queen

Meows effery, waffin pawkie.  I was gone but now I’m back.  You not gonna get rid uf me dat easily…

Well, now, I had quite an inturesting day yesturday.  When I finished up at the Tea Shoppe for the day I went home and decided to clean up the cellar.   Now don’t ya know, going down the stairs I dropped my mop bucket.  And it just rolled right across the floor.  Anywho, I went offur to pick it up and there was a piece of paper laying there so I picked that up too.  Well to my surprise, the little piece of paper turned out to be a big piece of paper and it came from under the wall.  Now how did it do dat, you may ask.  Well dat’s what I asked anywho.  So I started pokin around on the wall and all of a sudden it opened up.   Behind it was a hallway.  Well, being the brave kit that I am, or stupid kit maybe, matter of opinion I suppose, I grabbed my flashylight and started to explore.  The hall wasn’t really very long and at the end was this big room.  Lots of boxes and crates were stored in there.  Wowsers!  Now where did this stuff come from.  I started opening them and found boxes of old silk and brocade fabrics, beautiful old china and silver, and last but not least a chest full of jewels, iffun ya get my drift.  Then I noticed another door on the other side of the room.  So I did a little more exploring.  Opened it right up and found myownself in what seemed to be da woods beside our house.  Hmmmmmmm, I thought, I don’t need to be wandering in the woods all by myownself, effun iffun there do seem to be da remnants of a path.  I better go call my hubbykit , Timmy.  Well dat’s how I spent my day.  Not shure what’s goin on with this, yet.  Is it pirate treasure , smugglers loot, was it bootleggers booty?  I dunno, but I sure we will find out before too long….but, dat’s how I spent my day.

Kitten Quote

“Like a graceful vase, a cat, even when motionless, seems to flow.”

George F. Will

Kitten Quote

“The cat is civilized � but never fully. As the velvety paws of a cat hide her razor-sharp claws, the sleek body, purring in contentment, conceals the wild spirit that lives in every cat ever born. The cat gave her companionship to us so that we may caress the tiger, and on some level, that must surely be part of the charm. If we’re haunted by our primeval memories still, our cats are not. They live theirs every day. And we share those memories a little whenever we welcome cats into our homes.”

Unknown author

December 16, 2003….a very sad day in the village.  Our dear friend Goalie NYC made her trip to the bridge..

December 12, 2003, a special day fur da Wiscats…the third anniversary of Lou going to the bridge, and the day Poucette became an official Wiscat

And now it’s story time!

A  Visit to the Queen

Pepper decides he wants to go to Ireland to buy some irish linen with which to make new hankies.   He gets the idea to meow he is taking Shorty on this trip because she has been down in the dumps lately.  No flies on that Pepper.  Anywho, arrangements are made to make a trip to the British Isles in Maxie Roses’ balloon.  Shorty goes shopping of course, and Pepper packs his 32 pieces of  Gucci luggage, half of which Shorty quickly unpacks and fills with her own clothes.  Next morning they set sail, and soon they have arrived in Merry Old England.  Pepper heads off to pay his respects to the Queen and manages to get hisownself invited to tea.  A happy time is had by all, the queen becoming so enamored of Pepper she wants to adopt him.  Meanwhile, Shorty, having snagged Ralphies magic wallet while Pepper wasn’t looking, hails a big black taxi and instructs the driver to take her to the best shopping district in town.  She gets out of the cab on a street lined with elegant shops.  She wanders around, looking into shop windows, sometimes going in the door, when suddenly before her, there it is, Harrods!  Shoppers Heaven.  Her eyes are big as saucers as she goes through the doors of this wondrous place.  Up and down the aisles she goes and up and down the escalators.  Shoes and clothes, china and silver, pots and pans,  furniture, appliances, books and records, gourmet foods, anything a shopper could want , all spread out before her. For hours, Shorty wanders the aisles of this shoppers mecca.  At last, tired and hungry, she goes into one of the food areas and orders tea.  Sitting in a comfy booth she falls asleep.

Meanwhile back at the castle, Pepper who has had dinner with the Queen, falls asleep at the foot of her bed.  He awakes suddenly to the realization that it has been some time since he has seen his wifeykit.  He decides he had best go find her.  He makes his way out of the palace and down the street.  Eventually he spies a trail of breadcrumbs.  Hmmmmmm, this could be a clue, he thinks, remembering the story of Hansel and Gretel kit.  So, he follows them and sure enough they lead to the doors of Harrods.  But the store is closed.  He peers in the window and there he sees Shorty, sound asleep.  He knocks and he bangs but she doesn’t hear him.  Next morning, Pepper bids the queen goodby.  She tearfully presents him with a jeweled tiara and scepter as parting gifts  and waves good bye as Pepper, Shorty, MaxieRose and her hubbykit Ashums make their way back to the balloon port.  Maxie wonders to Ash about how they ended up here.  Last thing she remembers was the two of them sailing the rivers of France on a barge and visiting wineries.  Hmmmm, actually,  that might answer her question.  Shorty isn’t really sure how she got back to the castle either, but that’s Meowchat Village for you, all things are possible.  They climb into the balloon and take off for Scotland, Shorty dreaming of woolens and plaids, shortbread and haggis, no scratch the haggis, shudder…ghosts, yeah that’s it , haunted castles…

Kitten Quote

“Patience isn’t in a kitten’s vocabulary. They can’t wait to discover what new adventures are around the corner awaiting them.”

St. Peter’s Lament

Peter said, “There is one thing I know’st.  Among cat angels highest and lowest.  They arrive, don their wings, then of all wicked things, Use my Gates as their new scratching post!”

contributed by Sammywhee, author unknown

June 2003,  The Garfield movie came out

    Shorty in hur private rose garden                           Have you eveer noticed, feline rhymes with devine?

What’s your prefurence in Kitmas trees…long haired or short haired,  remember Sammywhees poll?

December 20, 2003….Remember when the Catnips mom went to the first Purr-fect  Angels holiday party at their vets.  The vet and the techs passed out hugs and gifts, including a voucher for a free spay or neuter, to all the Rescues invited.  Munchies mom said it left a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but Munchie figured she just ate a mouse.

              Planting Roses in the MCV Memorial Park

A joint effort by Wheesmom and Shortys mom

Glancing at clock, Oh my doodness, I gotta get going!  I still need to get in a nap before bedtime or I’m gonna be too tired to go to bed!

TaTa fur now


Kitten quotes courtesy of Poucette Wiscat


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