Over The Bounding Main

The scent of hammaburgers and hotgoggies fills the air of the village park.  All the residents have gathered for the annual Fourth of July picnic.  Tables are set with baskets of steamed seafood, giant bowls of nip slaw and tater salad, pans of baked beans and platters of fried chiggun,  awaiting the sound of the dinner bell.  Over to one side ofr the park a number of younguns are playing soft ball.  Some of the older furs sit at the edge of the pond , paws dangling in the cool water, while Paul, Paula, an Gabi McDuck paddle leisurly across its surface.  Pretty Boy Floyd crows loudly to  announce the arrival of his flock .  The dinner bell rings at last and every comes running to the waiting tables.  Some stop to grab cold drinks from the ice filled tubs.

After lunch, the village band will perform a patriotic concert, followed by dance music and a watermelon eating  and seed spitting contest.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, the experts will tell you cats can’t spit, but don’t you believe it.  Just try getting one to take a pill.)   Later, when the sun goes down, there will be a fireworks show. (by the way, there is no chiggun being served at the chigguns table).

Willow and Timmy snuggle together , tummys full at last, and listen to the band.  “Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh,”.  “Utho, I know the sound of that sigh,” TImmy thinks to hisownself.  “Something wrong, dear?” he asks.  “Wrong? What could be wrong?  It’s been a wonderfuil day.”


Timmy gulps and asks, “You sure nothings wrong, Willow?”  “Wrong? No nothing is wrong.  It’s just…”

“Okay , Willow, out with it.  I know when something is on your mind.”  “Well, it’s just that it’s summer.  We should have an adbenchur!” Timmy closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.  “And just what kind of adbenchur did you have in mind,” he asks as the memories of some of Willows other adbenchurs flash through his mind.  “I dunno,” Willow meows. “How about a nice leisurly cruise?””Ok,” meows Timmy in response.  “We could fix up Grampa Larry’s old river boat and cruise down the Catnip River”, Timmy suggests.  “Oh, no , Timmy, we done been there , done that.  I was thinking more of a cruise across the Pacific.  We could sail to Hawaii and bisit Unka John!  Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Timmys bright orange furs turn almost as white as the lovely Willows.  Bbbbbbbut, Willow, the Pacific has sharks, and it’s big and deep and dark and cold and it has sharks. And whales, and giant octopusses and sharks, with great big toofurs.”  Willow looks at Timmy and bats her big blue eyes.  “Oh, Timmy, that doesn’t sound at all like my big brave herokit.”  Timmy gulps again, sighhhhhhh, those big blue eyes get him everytime. ” Guess we are going to sail the Pacific to Hawaii”, he thinks to hisownself.  “After all, how bad can it be”.  (famous last words when Willow is involved)  Willow snuggles closer to Timmy and starts to plan the big adbenchur as the sun sets and the fireworks show begins….meeheehee, in more ways than one.



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