A beginning

Meows effery, my name is Willow.   Mommy often calls me furball or bratcat, but dat’s neither here nor there.  You will see why later.  Anywho, this little tale is about how we became The Tatertot Gang.  We  started off as Florida kits, but that has changed.  Mommy got tired of going to work and decided to retire but she didn’t like Florida so she decided to pack us all up and come to Idyho.  Well dat was quite an adbenture, let me tell you! 

First there were lots an lots of boxes an Mommy kept putting stuff in dem.  We had lots of fun with them.  Then they all went into a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig truck.  And finaly one day Mommy put us all in the metal monstur and off we went.  At first we were not too sure about this, but we settled down an I of course kept her on track.  I just love to drive don”t ya know. 

Hmmm, guess I should introduce the rest of the gang.  There is my dopted momkit Oreo, she is a tuxie with a bit of tude.  Meeheehee, mommy can’t win an argument with her.  She don’t take no sass and just shouts you down.  And then there is cousine Caleb.  He is a big ol’ sobol. For the uniformed dat’s a sweet orange bundle of love.  He is a very mellow kit, and my best buddy and partner in crime.  And then thre is great-aunt Tita.  Gotta watch out for her, she is a tortie with a whole lot of tude.  Now at the beginning we had Franci with us but she went to the bridge in October.  It was very unexpected, she was only five but must have had some heart problem cause ane day she was there and the next she was gone.  But she is happy now at the Rainbow Bridge.  Do you know bout the bridge?  Well we will tell you about it another day.   Sighhhhhhhh, so many of our friends are there now.  Aunty Franci was something else, always the life of the party, and I am proud to tell you I have been told I am a lot like her in some ways.  Anywho, that’s the gang.

So anywho, we drove and we drove till we got to a place called Tennysee.  Then the metal monstur decided it didn’t want to go anymore and started leaking oil all over.  We stayed der a couple days to get  it fixed.  It was nice to have a little break.  Then back on the road we went.  We was goin along fine for bout a hundred miles when all of a sudden, kablooy, putput put puuuuuuuuuuuut clunk.  Da metal monstur died!  An there we was by the side of the road out in the country somewhere.  Akkkkkkkkkkkk, this was not a good thing.  Well, fank da Bigcat for cellhellofones.  Mommy called da police an finally dey was able to find us.  Da policeman gave mommy the names of some towtruck places an told us where we was. A little while later a big truck came an took us to a place to fix the metal monstur again.  But akkkkkkkkkkkk, it needed a new heart.  We was stuck there for a week and mommy had to shell out a whole lot of those gweenpapers da humans are so fond of.  But in the end all was well and we started off again.  Now we was heading down.  Down to the great plaines.  On and on we went and then we saw them.  Way off in the distance.  Big and rocky and purpul.  Wow!  We kept going but they didn’t seem to get any closer.  And then at last we started going up again.  Up and up and up and up.  Higher and higher till we came to a place called the high plaines.  Wow!  It was beautiful!  No houses or cars or people as far as you could see in any direction, and so high up it felt like you could reach up and touch the clouds.   So we traveled on and finally stopped for the night.

Next morning when we started out, it was much colder.  Now you got to know we was making this trip late Septembur, early Octobur, kinda pushing it for a trip across the mountains.  We kept watching the sky and it got darker and colder and then, akkkkkkkkkkkkkk, it started to snow and sleet.  This is not good.  We could tell mommy was nervous.  After all we lived in Florida for a long time and she not seen this stuff for many years.  Heck , we kits had never seen it.   We hunkered down and got really quiet, this was getting scary.  But we kept going, there was no towns or anything where we could stop so we just kept crawling along.  And at last we noticed, Hip hip meow, the sky was getting lighter up ahead.  We breathed a sigh of relief and before much longer the nasty weather was all gone and the sun was back.  Phewh.  And then we notice we are going down more than up.  This is a good thing for sure.  The metal monstur is old and tired and with each climb we had all paws crossed that we would get to the top even though mommy was pushing the peddal all the way to the floor.  And the metal monstur was used to the heat and flat lands of Florida.  It didn’t like all the climbing.  But we was getting there.  And finaly there it was, Idyho state line.  Yahoooooooooooo, almost there!  Just a little bit farther now.  At last we wee a sign that says Boise city limits.  Almost there, on through Boise and past Caldwell and there it is.  We there.   We drive into the little town and wonder now where is Aunty Fwitters house.  Mommy pulls off the road and calls her on the cellhellofone.  We here she says, where are you?  Where are you Aunty Fritters asks an mommy tells her by a car parts place.  Then Aunty Fritters says then you are right across the street.  I will turn on the porch light, just look behind you.  Well mommy looks but she blind in one eyeboll and can’t see out of the other so she not see anything.  Finally Aunty Fritters comes and gets us…and we are home….and that is how we became the Tatertot Gang….


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