Over The Bounding Main, pt4

Vester is standing in the wheelhouse gazing out the windows when he sees Oreo coming up the ladder carrying a pot of catnip tea. ” Good morning dear”, she calls as he steps out to give her a paw.  Vester smooches her cheek and the two enter the wheel house to enjoy the early morning.  On the deck below other kits and goggies are starting to stir.  Smells of breakfast drift from the galley.  Vester calls out, “Caleb, hoist anchor, the wind is freshening.”  With that , he moves to the wheel and starts the engine to take them through the harbor and begin their long voyage across the Great Sea.

Some hours later they are far from land , moving briskly across the shining sea, the engine now silent, the Franci speeding along as she was meant to do, with the powerful breeze filling her sails.  Pretty Boy Floyd sits on the rail at the prow gazing ahead, his four hens gathered in the sun on the deck.  In the crows nest, the McDuck family keep watch.  Victoria MewYork reclines on her chaise lounge supervising the activities of the furs acting as deck hands. Others relax along the deck, basking in the sun.

Willow and Timmy stand at the rail looking out over the water, when suddenly a shadow flashes by.  “Ak, what was that, Timmy?”, Willow squeals.  “I don’t know, but look here it comes again.” he replies.  The shadow zips by once again, then suddenly leaps high out of the water.  “Oh, look, a dolphin,”  Willow exclaims.  The dolphin dives making barely a splash in the water, then pops up again alongside the boat , keeping pace.  “Hello,” Willow calls with a wave.  “Hello yourownself, ” the dolphin calls back. He gazes at them curiously.  “Bad manners on my part to ask,” he says, “but what kind of creatures are  you?  And what are you doing here on the Great Sea?”  Willow quickly explains that they are cats and dogs and chickens and ducks, and that they are on an adbenture to visit their Unka John in Hawaii.  “Wow, that sounds like quite an adbenchure, mind if I tag along ? ”  “Not at all, ” meows Willow.  “The more the merrier.”

The Franci sails on, and on and on.  The kits and goggies take turns with the chores and the time flies by.  Then late one afternoon, Gabby McDuck begins to quack excitedly from her post in the crows nest.  “Look, look, ” she quacks.  “Look at the sky.”  As the others come running to see what is going on, she points a wing toward the western sky.  A sky black as night with swirling clouds.  “Oh no,” Willow gasps.  “A storm is coming.  What can we do?”  At this moment Willows new friend the dolphin pops his head up from the now roughening sea.  “Follow me,” he calls.  “I know a place nearby where you can shelter.”  With a flip of his tail he darts away.  In the wheelhouse, Vester turns the big wheel to follow.  The Franci races along faster and faster before the ever strengthening wind.  A short time later , Gabby calls down again from the crows nest where she has by now tied herself down for safety.  “Land ho, I see land.”  A few minutes later palm trees come into view and a sandy shore appears.  The dolphin leads them around the small island to a cove. Vester quickly steers the boat into the cove through the breakers, watching carefully for reefs that might snag them. The sails are down and the anchor dropped in a snug little harbor.  Everyone bustles about battening down the Franci to wait out the coming storm.

Vester and Oreo come down from the wheelhouse and stand by the rail.  The dolphin swims lazily back and forth along the boat.  “Mr Dolphin,” Vester meows, “what is this island?  My charts show nothing in this part of the Great Sea.”  The dolphin looks up at Vester.  “That would be because it is not always here.  It only appears when there is need.  It is the home of the mermaids.  They keep it shrouded in mist.  I came ahead and spoke to them and they agreed to let you shelter here.  But you must never speak of what you see here.”  Vester muses for a moment. “Yes, I can understand that and I am sure I speak for all on board that we will not betray the secret.”  A strong gust of wind rocks the Franci violently.  “Come on , Oreo, I think we had better get inside.”  With a last look at the dolphin Vester asks, “will you be alright out here?”  “Oh, yes, I will be just fine,” the dolphin replies and ducks under water as a big wave rushes into the cove.  Vester and Oreo dash for the main cabin and enter.  It is filled with furs and feathers anxiously watching the skys and awaiting their fate.































Over The Bounding Main, pt 3

Two days later, the village , being the village, is agog with the news of the arrival of the Good Ship Franci, and Willows plans to sail her to Hawaii.  News travels faster than a firekit sliding down a greased pole in MCV.  Most effery has signed up for the adbenchure, and now they cover the worn old boat armed with mops and buckets, brooms and dust cloths, hammers and nails, cans of paint and stain.  Vester, Timmy and Willows brother Caleb , are busy checking out and adjusting gauges and dials and other mechanical stuff to make sure everything is in good working order.  Down in the hold, Tarrigo the pup, with the able assistance of some of the younger boykits, checks the hull for leaks or other damage.  In the galley, Paloma Abycat, the villages best cook and candy maker, with the help of some of the village ladykits, scrubs and polishes till the galley sparkles.  Oreo heads a crew of ladykits preparing the cabins, while the Snowtaboys and Noblekits haul crate after crate of supplies on board.  Finally, with the last board  painted, the last bit of brass polished and the last window shined, Willow climbs over the stern and repaints the jaunty sailboats name.  With that , the Good Ship Franci is ready for the high seas.  One by one the tired villagers make their way home for a good nights sleep..Tomorrow the adbenchur begins..


Vester starts the engine and carefully backs the Franci away from the Flying Fish Fish Markets dock, and heads her down the Catnip River toward the great sea. The deck is lined with the happy villagers, excited by the idea of a summer adbenchur, and of course, a visit with Unka John.  Hmmmmmmm, guess we needs to explain about Unka John.  The Village is a place of furs and feathers of course, but the members also have humans with whom they live.  The Village is a secret place just for animals.  It is a place where anything is possible.  But even in the Village bad things can happen and all too often these days, it seems, a villager crosses the Rainbow Bridge.  When that happens, if they were an only fur, then their human is allowed to enter the village and take part in village life.  Unka John is one of those special people.  In the village we do not eat our friends, nor do we abandon them, even if they do happen to be human…..ahem, moving on.  The Franci continues her journey down river, past Toona Falls,  past Dog Town,  past Fairyton.  Pixie waves at the fairy she spies in amongst the trees as they glide quickly by. Through the Blackwood so dark and eeire.   On to Gatorville and Frog Town.  Gotta watch the pawkies around Gatorville, those guys are a bit snappish.  Then back into the sun near Bunnyhutch Garden and Blossom Hill.  Finally the river starts to widen  Just a few more miles and they will arrive at the Great Sea.  A salty smell begins to fill the air and Vester decides it is time to drop anchor for the day.

As the Franci comes to a stop, fishing lines are dropped into the water.  What’s a sea cruise if fresh caught fish is not on the menu?   A giant tortoise swims lazily to the side of the boat.  “Ahoy, ” he calls to the kits on deck.  “Where are you off to?”  Willow peers down at him from the deck.  “Why we are going across the Great Sea to visit Uncle John. Where are you going, Mr. Tortoise?”

“Me? I’m not going anywhere.  At least no farther than that sunny rock over there.  Why do you want to go into the Great Sea ?  There be all sorts of monsters out there, even dragons , so I have heard.”

Willow blinks, “monsters? Oh my doodness.  Oh well, what is an adventure without a monster or two.  And I would love to meet a dragon.”  The tortoise stares at her for a moment then glides away to the river bank and hoists himself onto the bit sunny rock.





















































Over The Bounding Main, pt 2

The last of the fireworks fade away.  One by one, the furs and feathers gather up the remains of their picnic lunches and begin to wander home.  It’s been a lovely, fun filled day and everyone is tired and ready for bed.  Overhead, the stars come out and twinkle brightly in the dark night sky.  Willow looks up.  “Oh, Timmy, look over there, that looks like the Rainbow Bridge.  Meeheehee, guess some of our bridge friends came to celebrate, too.”  Timmy looks in the direction of Willows pointing paw.  “I don’t see anything, Willow”, Timmy meows.  “Right there, see the blinking stars”, she replies.  Timmy looks again.  “Yes, I do see them, I think you’re right.  I wonder who it is.”  The two stand watching the bright winking stars and wave until  they are gone.  They enter the house, leaving the picnic things in the kitchen and head off to bed.

Next morning, Timmy wanders into the kitchen to find Willow with a pot of catnip tea and a heaping plate of buttered toast, looking through the newspaper.  He gets a cup and plate from the cupboard and sits down at the table with her.  “What are you looking at so intently, Willow?” he asks.  Willow hands him the paper with the big ad she has marked.  “Look, Timmy, can you believe it?  This is a sign for sure that we should go on our Pacific adbenture!”

Timmy glumly takes the paper and looks over the ad.  “FOR SALE, ocean going sailboat.  Call Captain Jack , 555-4000 for details.  Located at Harbortown Docks.”.

“I already called, we can go see it this afternoon,” Willow meows excitedly.  Timmy takes a long swallow of his tea.

Breakfast done, Willow scurries about the kitchen and Timmy heads for the barn.  Once there, he pulls out his cellhellofone and dials.  “Meows, Catnip Farm,” comes from a husky voice at the other end.  “Daddy Vester, it’s Timmy.   We got a problem.”  There is silence from the other end.  Then at last, “sighhhhhhh, what did my daughterkit do now, and do I really want to know?”   Timmy quickly explains Willows plan to buy a sailing ship and cross the Pacific to Hawaii.  “And she already found a boat to buy”, meows Vester, “we’re doomed.” The two menkits make plans for them , as well as Mamma Oreo, to go check out the boat that afternoon.

Two o’clock in the afternoon, finds the four kits speeding along the road between Meowchat Village and Harbortown.  Willow entertains them on the journey by singing sea chantys, off key.  Eventually they arrive at Harbortown and head down to the docks in search of the sail boat and Capt. Jack.

They drive slowly past lines of gleaming boats of various sizes and colors looking for slip number 101, the home of the sailing ship.  There it is at last,slip 101.  Three jaws drop in horror at the sight of the creaky old wooden boat before them.  The ever ebullient Willow, on the other paw, can barely contain her excitement.  “Look, look,” she cries, pointing at the stern.  “Look at her name!”  The others look up to see painted on the stern the name Franci.  “Utho,” Oreo meows,  “this can’t be good.”  Oreo dearly loved her departed sister, but she was the original wildchildkit, going from one scrape to the next, and Willow was far too like her.  Just like her Aunty Franci, if there is trouble to be found, Willow will find it.

Willow leaps from the metal monstur and races toward the old battered ship.  At a much slower pace Timmy, Vester and Oreo follow.  She races up the gangplank and straight into a large white cat standing on the deck,  smoking a meerschaum. He is dressed in jeans and a navy blue sweater.  A watch cap on his head.  Over one eye is a patch.  “Whoaaaaaaaaa, slow down there young lady”, he meows at Willow.  Willow stops short.  “Oh”, she meows.  “Are you Captain Jack?”  “And just who might be asking?” the big white cat meows in a gruff voice.  “I’m Willow,” she meows.  “I called this morning about buying the boat.”  Captain Jack looks up as the others reach the top of the gangplank.  “Permission to come aboard,” he calls to them.  “I assume you are with this young ladykit”.  “Yes, we are,”  Timmy meows introducing the others.  Meanwhile , Willow has wandered off, opening hatches, investigating rooms, checking out the wheel house.  She passes a delicate paw over the beautiful teak wood, not seeing the wear and tear on the old ship, but envisioning her as she was in her glory days.  She scrambles up the mast to the crows nest and peers out over the harbor.  Vester looks up at Willow high above.  “Timmy, looks like you have yourself a sailboat.  Only thing left is to pay the bill and get her home to MCV.”


Over The Bounding Main

The scent of hammaburgers and hotgoggies fills the air of the village park.  All the residents have gathered for the annual Fourth of July picnic.  Tables are set with baskets of steamed seafood, giant bowls of nip slaw and tater salad, pans of baked beans and platters of fried chiggun,  awaiting the sound of the dinner bell.  Over to one side ofr the park a number of younguns are playing soft ball.  Some of the older furs sit at the edge of the pond , paws dangling in the cool water, while Paul, Paula, an Gabi McDuck paddle leisurly across its surface.  Pretty Boy Floyd crows loudly to  announce the arrival of his flock .  The dinner bell rings at last and every comes running to the waiting tables.  Some stop to grab cold drinks from the ice filled tubs.

After lunch, the village band will perform a patriotic concert, followed by dance music and a watermelon eating  and seed spitting contest.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, the experts will tell you cats can’t spit, but don’t you believe it.  Just try getting one to take a pill.)   Later, when the sun goes down, there will be a fireworks show. (by the way, there is no chiggun being served at the chigguns table).

Willow and Timmy snuggle together , tummys full at last, and listen to the band.  “Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh,”.  “Utho, I know the sound of that sigh,” TImmy thinks to hisownself.  “Something wrong, dear?” he asks.  “Wrong? What could be wrong?  It’s been a wonderfuil day.”


Timmy gulps and asks, “You sure nothings wrong, Willow?”  “Wrong? No nothing is wrong.  It’s just…”

“Okay , Willow, out with it.  I know when something is on your mind.”  “Well, it’s just that it’s summer.  We should have an adbenchur!” Timmy closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.  “And just what kind of adbenchur did you have in mind,” he asks as the memories of some of Willows other adbenchurs flash through his mind.  “I dunno,” Willow meows. “How about a nice leisurly cruise?””Ok,” meows Timmy in response.  “We could fix up Grampa Larry’s old river boat and cruise down the Catnip River”, Timmy suggests.  “Oh, no , Timmy, we done been there , done that.  I was thinking more of a cruise across the Pacific.  We could sail to Hawaii and bisit Unka John!  Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Timmys bright orange furs turn almost as white as the lovely Willows.  Bbbbbbbut, Willow, the Pacific has sharks, and it’s big and deep and dark and cold and it has sharks. And whales, and giant octopusses and sharks, with great big toofurs.”  Willow looks at Timmy and bats her big blue eyes.  “Oh, Timmy, that doesn’t sound at all like my big brave herokit.”  Timmy gulps again, sighhhhhhh, those big blue eyes get him everytime. ” Guess we are going to sail the Pacific to Hawaii”, he thinks to hisownself.  “After all, how bad can it be”.  (famous last words when Willow is involved)  Willow snuggles closer to Timmy and starts to plan the big adbenchur as the sun sets and the fireworks show begins….meeheehee, in more ways than one.


da Spwing Fair, pt 3

Hello again, did effery have a good Thanksgiving?  Burrrrrrrrrrrrp, ummmmm ‘scuse me, still a bit full here, I do luff my turkit!

So anywho, now that that is done, let’s get back to the spring fair…Well now, the next event seems to be the six-legged race.  Let’s take a peek and see how that is going..

:::so anyway, Pepper takes the rope and ties two of hims legs tightly to shorty’s two legs and they stand there all strapped togedder waiting for the contest to start. Surely there will be some competitors think shorty and Pepper. To kill some time waiting, Pepper and Shorty decide to do a quick trial run so Pepper shouts “On You Mark!! Get Set!! Go!!” and off fly Shorty dragging Pepper and hims face is plowing up the earf!! “Halp!” screems Pepper all muffled in the dirt. Shorty run like the wind and don’t even notice that Pepper is not running but being dragged along like a limp rag behind her. She screeches to a halt at the finish line all huffing and puffing and beaming like a chesire cat thinking she must haff just set a personal best record for distance run!! Meanwhile, Poor pitiful, innocent Pepper is all dirty and look like something the cat just dragged in (very literally!!). Shorty turn and finally see Pepper and she think a little more practice in order so she help Pepper to hims feet and they drag themselves back to the starting line for a few more trial runs before the odders get here::::
Pepper (one, fine, little dood)

When they get backto the starting line,they find Maria and Andre there, seems they have been checking effer ten minutes to see iffun other contestants gonna show up.

Maria, Andre, we bin dooin dat too….maybe we awl jus missin eachuffer…wanna wun a pwaktise wap wit us wile we waitin?
Oh Pepper kwit wineing bout da durt up yur nose, now bwush yurself off, yu wuuk a site…….
Sammywhee strolls up , wheeing that they had gotten sidetwacked by the baloon ride and the tatoo parlor.  Gonzo finally shows up and he and sammy prepare fur the race…

Sammywhee, you is runnink the 3 legged race wiff me and the horse race wiff miss chiff.

So strap your back leg to my back leg wiff this here rope and your fron leg to my front leg wiff this here rope and then lets go hang out at the starting line wiff Mijo and However Mijo is runnink wiff, and Pepper and shorty, and Maria and Andre.

Hmmm, these straps aint big enough to fir around the two of us. We toooo big! Well, we will just have to use mommy and daddy’s belts.

::::Gonzo adjusts the two belts on the front and back legs of the two and Team Coony is ready to role……:::::::

Gonzo and Sammywhee wait for the starting gun…… BOOOOMMMMM!!!!

And they are off! Gonzo and Sammywhee waddle around the track, appearing to be in last place…… But wait! I am wrong! Pepper and Shorty are a length behind them. It seems that Shorty is worn out from dragging Pepper in practice runs and Pepper is having to mouth breath because of all the dust and dirt shoved up his nose from shorty draggin him.

It is Maria and Andre right now in front by quite a distance, which is amazing with Andre’s disabilities. But Maria told him that she has a special surprise for him at the end of the race and Andre just loves surprises!

There are a few other teams in the middle and there are still 6 more laps around the track. This race is anyones…… Except for maybe Shorty and Pepper, but they are giving it the ole Meow chat COllege try so we will just have to wait and see…….

On the third lap, Shorty spots Munchie sittin in the bleachers rooting them all on and waves as she and Pepper go by.

Shorty an Pepper stwuggle awong in wast pwace, Shorty is muttering an hissspiting, dat dadgum Gonzo an Sammywhee, hows a kit sposed to wun an keep der pants on witawt a belt..akkkk Pepper is down, bwitches wound his ankuls, lavendar silk bwoomers xsposed fur awl da wurld to see. But Shorty pays no mind, hur eye fixt on Gonzo an Sammy…….Maria and Andre be rite behing Pupper and Sammy, but dey are getting furry tired. It seems dis race iss going on fur a long, long time! But they iss still young, so who knows…maybe…Well, all of a sudden GOnzo looks around and he and Sammy (who is now tied to him and in his pocket at the same time), must have pulled way ahead of everykit because there is no longer anykit in sight at all. GOnzo and sammy win the race and get a trophy and a dozen eggs and a package of moobits and a box of ritz crackers.

GOnzo heads off to the recipe tent because he thinks those three ingredients would make a fine appetizer. Dats wat yu tink big boy growls Shorty as she cumms up behind Gonzo a gwabs his tayul…Gonzo cums to a ded stop an suddenwy effuryting cums into focus onse again…he watches stunned as Shorty speeds by dwaggin a barely conshus Pepper who by now has totulwy wost his britches an whos silk lavendar bwoomers awr weady fur da wag bag…….:::well, so, but, anyway, Pepper (down to hims skivies), hims face dragging along in the dirt, feels like there must be more to this game than it appears at the moment. Him just hope that with any luck they will cross the finish line even if it in last place just for the mercy of it all being over with… soon. Him never gonna volunteer for this kind of race ever again, but that neither here nor there. Pepper just go limp and allow Shorty to drag him along and hims hope hims lavender boxer shorts stay intact….:::

And as every kit nears the finish line thinking that they have this race in the bag…..and not naming any names but Gonzo comes to mind……..
they don’t notice that Nicky and Harley…..the 6 legged race champions 3 years running….are sitting smugly in the winners chair nibbling on pretzels and guzzling catnip beer to beat the band. “What took you kits so long to finish this here race? We been here for days!” :::::::::Andre and Maria come in 65th, but beeing young and in love, Maria decides to give Andre his surprise anyway.

MOL, now I wunder just what that surprise was, meeheehee….moofing on, da next stop is da loudest meow and yodeling contest…and here is a report on that by Gonzo…


Henry….Simba…Travis….Tigger…Bob….Maddie….Ashum all purrrpare for the yoddelink contest.

Henri does a practice and breaks 2 water glasses. Simba does a practice and breaks one glass and one cereal bowl. Travis stuffs big cotton balls in his humungous ear holes and cracks one window. Maddie sings out a melodic tune and doesn’t go for volume, as much as tone and melody this year. She puts on a fine performance.

Ashum steps up to the platform and attempts his yodel. A high Maine coon squeek and chirp comes out and all the kits around laugh their tails off. Ashum starts to tear up a bit, and gonzo jumps in and claps his paws together wildly for his buddy ashum.

That was a fine comedic yodeling routine you did for the competition! we never ever had an entry like that! It is sure to win somefing for sure ashum! Encore Encore!!!!!!

Ashum wipes away his tears and gives out annother maine squeek and chirp and all the kits clap wildly for him as well. He steps down and gives gonzo a big mushy kiss between the ears for understanding.

Bob, a new comer to the competition goes up and gives it the ole college try. No kit knows what to expect.

Bob breaks 17 car windows, a set of beautiful china plates and gonzo’s life size ceramic white hephalum donated to the white hephalump auction.

::::tigger looks over at Bob:::::::;;

Quite a set of Pipes there you got Bob. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Tigger and I run the safety siren business in town. Here is my business card. When there is a town emergency I have to climb the 700 foot radio tower behind the leaning tower of Pizza and put out a loud howl to alert all of the townspeople.

I am looking for an apprentice, being that I am getting up in years and I am not really fond of heights as well.

If you want a job give me a call.

Now step back and let a pro show you how it is done…….

:::::Tigger puts out a blood currdling howl and the fire departments and police departments and the marines from 5 villages surrounding send out crews because they hear the safety siren go off in the meow chat village and think for sure they are needed…….

Bob bows to Tigger and kisses her paws!!!

Okeedokee, beat that everykit
Gonzo, Tigger, and Stumpy

Once hur ears stop winging an hur hearing weturns to sumwat normal, an awl da mergency vehicals haf been sent bak, Shorty cunsults wit Bandit offur da winner uf dis contest..Shorty steps up in fwont uf da cwoud, atenshun pwease,atenshun pwease,ATTENSHUN PWEASE..tank yu. Now, we had a hawrd time desiding, effury was ferry dood. We nawwoed it down to two,Tigger an Bob. Sinse dis is a amatoor contest an Tigger is a pwofresshunal we have desided to make Bob awr no.1 lowdest meower dis year. Concatulations Bob , take a bow. Tank yu awl fur pawticipating an bettur luuk nexks year..

(shorty do get a bit offishus sumtimes)

Next up ish da gurl kits loudest meows….

Up furst is Shorty, wit Pepper and seben kittlins, she has had plenty of practice,fur shure..

Shorty steps up fwont an center, memememe,yodoleehoooo,memememe..otay i weady now.


Da leefs fawl off da twees an da gwound shakes a bit…..Yu meowed deer,meows Pepper skreeching to a halt neckst to Shorty, hope I dint keep yu waiting..Next up is Meadow Catnip.:::::Meadow walks up and clears her throat. She looks for Beau and sees he is standing in the wings watching her and she smiles. One…two…deep breath…….three…….
Out comes the loudest MEEZER meow that any kit will ever hear. Beau falls bacwards on his keester from the sheer volume of that meow. He never knew Meadow had it in her. The other kits stand in awe of Meadow’s meezer meow:::::::Mamacita comes up next and looks at hur Titan. Hur meow iss a furry loud meezer meow, but doesn’t equal Meadow’s meow. Cita tells Meadow dat she really iss da queen ob meezer meows so far.

Bandit holds hiss paws ofur hiss ears an wonders if he will effur be able to hear again. Otay, Ladies, it wass close but the bloo ribbon goes to Shorty. In second place iss Meadow an third iss Mamacita. Bandit gifs the bloo ribbon an a gold water bowl to Shorty. You must haf a lot ob practice yelling at all you kits an dat hubbykit ob yurs. Concatulashuns. Bandit gifs Meadow the red ribbon fur second place. He also gifs hur a silver water bowl. Concatulashuns. It wass furry hard to decide between you an Shorty, but I fink she hass had more practice cause she broke the meter wen it went past screeeech! Then he calls up Mamacita an gifs hur a kiss onna cheek. Cita, you were sure out singed in dis competition. Here iss yur white ribbon an a bronze water bowl. Concatulashuns, little sisterkit.

MOL, that musta been one noisy bunch…my earholes is ringing an I wasn’t even there…

Okeedoke, that’s it fur today…

Till next time


Da Spwing Fair , Part 2

::epper realizes too late that the $150.05 bid he placed yesserday was on the wrong lunch box!! ACK! He had bid on the lunch box decorated with the dandelions and come to find out, Shorty’s lunch box is the pink one with the lavender hearts and sprigs of lilacs on top. There are no bids on that one, yet. Pepper sheepishly go over and place a $200.01 bid on Shorty’s lunch box and he look around wondering who might this one with the dandelions belong to. Him surely hoping that it not belong to uggy CindeLu. Wouldn’t that just take the cake!? think Pepper to him ownself. Probably that lunch got rat tails and worms in there! ICK! But, too late now. Pepper done bid $150.05 on it and you can’t take back bids so time will tell. Pepper hope somebuddy else come along and bid reel high on that dandelion lunch pail:::::

Meeheehee, hi der.  You caught me reading ahead…I sure do wish I had been awound to meet sum of these kits…that Pepper and Shorty were a couple uf wild kits fur shure.  It’s nice to know dat I is welated to dem…anywho I found this fair schedule stuck in here, take a look…

Todas Effents:








Lunches pwovided fur yur bidding by



chie….Maddie….annonymous for Miss


Also 10 lunches each donated by Moki Raindance an Thundercloud

place yur bids gentlemankits an dine wit da lady uf your choice


an dont furget awl da wides an games affailable

HAFF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like lotsa fun, doesn’t it?

Anywho, moofing on shorty and the kitlins wander into the auction tent.  She sees Gus Noblekit putting a box on the table next to hers,  “Gus” , she meows, “you entering a lunchbox?”  “Yup, don’t meow to any , but I pwomised a big donation to the kittlens orphan home to make shure Shy gets it, too.

Shorty gwins, “don’t wurry  Gus .. Your secret is safe wit me.”  She wanders around a bit and spies Maria adding a big yellow bow to hur lunch box, a signal for Andre of course.  Den she notices da sad little lunch box with da dandylions on it, and no name.  Oh dear, she thinks, somebody is gonna be disappointed.  That box not gonna get a lot of bids.  She takes a quick look around and seeing nofurs paying attention slips a bid for two hundred gween papers into the bid box. As she starts to leave the tent, she hears a voice behind her…It otay, Shorty:
Dat box not sad…it be furry bootiful! And it holds a lot more dan you wud think! It’s my luffly Cinde’s boxlunch and I bid 500 greenpapers on it already! In fact I’m raising the bid against myownself and bidding 777 greenpapers!

greyboy, sees Pepper worrying bout his bid on the dandylion box, Greyboy tells Pepper he doesn’t need to wurry about hiss Cinde’s box lunch. Greyboy goes ofur and bids 500 greenpapers on thr bootiful box lunch dat belongs to hiss soon to be wifeykit, Cinde. He thinks to himownself dat he better keep an eye on Pepper in case he decides to raise the bid.

Followed by,

::::Sammy wheesal waddles offur 2 da tabull an sees da lunchee box wif da dandwhee lions… (bunna’s luf dem) him poots a bid in fur hims cuzzinkit at 65 trillion catmint leefs::::
Dare dat shoolds do it!!! HHW….

Shorty is outside by now and spots gus sticking blue polka dots on the pink auction tent.  As she stands and watches him, she sees none other than,

Gonzo goes up to the lunch box table and takes off all of the ribbons and puts all of the foodies on the table.

He takes a little nibble of each thing to set the starting bids.

This lunch starts at $25.00

That lunch starts at $752.00

This one starts at 34 cents

That one starts at $37,000

GOnzo puts everything back into the lunch pails, except he doesn’t exactly remember what goes where and what ribbon goes with which lunchbox.

Everykit is gonna end up on lunch dates wiff every other kits spouses kind of like a swingers club, but their aint no way of fixing that now.

Gonzo puts the price tags on the boxes and heads off looking for some Tums..

Antares come in and look at all da purrty lunches — Hmmm he fink — my sniffer is just as good as my ears be and dis one here smell da nummiest. It not got the same color bow as what AnnieClaire said tho, but it still smell like da good stuffs she puts in lunches. So puttin all my gweenpapers on dis one!

Antares very carefully print in his best pawprintink his name on da sign up sheet.

Sammywhee sitting in a corner thinks to hisownself..

Everykit is gonna end up on lunch dates wiff every other kits spouses kind of like a swingers club, but their aint no way of fixing that now.
No madder Gonzo bonzo bean… whees aways makes enuffs foody fur effurwheekit… an asides, u meow whees awl whee~lated anyways…. hhw

Pepper wanders back into the tent wondering when the bids gonna be announced.  He looks again at the little dadylion box and decides to raise his bid to six hundred gween papers.

Shorty wandurs in to da box lunch tent to see how tings awr going. She piks up da bid box, hmmmmmmmmm pwetty wite, not many bids yet…pwenty uf kits awound an awl dese luffly lunches, doh der doo seem sumfing a bit diffwunt bout dem,oh well, as Pepper wood meow, dat neffur heer nor der….as she walks bak to da entwance, she notises a stwange, dawk kit in da bak korner, he seems a widdle familiur………….

and then…

but she is just a little afraid so she runs off and hides in a pickle barrel.

GOnzo wanders in and finds another vacant boof. He sees all of the lunch boxes, and well….. you can’t have enough lunches boxes he always says, and a lunch is a terrible thing to waste.

So he nibbles down one and he sees the last auction bid was 500 dollars on the lunch, so he pays $501. He is still hungry and well, like he says, a lunch is a terrible thing to waste so he actually ate 4 more. One that was last bid at $5000, one that was last bid at $7.00, one that was last bid at $8,994 and one that was last at $262.44. So he upped each bid by a penny and ate all of those lunches too. Within a short time he ate the remaining lunches and did the same thing with their bidding prices and by the end of the 30 minutes he had eaten 23 lunches and paid $847,383,272,000.45 right out of Pepper’s wallet.

Good thing nobody collected on Pepper’s bet at the horse race that he and Gonzo were going to win, because all of the money just went to the homeless kit orphanage.

GOnzo waddles off to the next event……….

Shorty pokes hur hed into da tent ware da schwimp eating contest will take pwace…she sees Bob an Daisy, forks at da weady, raring to go. Gonzo is offur in da korner doing deep nee bends an situps to wurk up an appetite, wike he needs to…but ware is Munchie, an Mijo,Quentin an Travis. Ders Munchi an Twavis in da bak korner kanoodlin…

Much as Shorty luffs schwimp she not gonna be in dis contest, she afwaid she badwy outcwassed by awl da champion eaters…..She sees Mijo sitting unner the shrimp table, nose acquiver in anticipation.  At last the bell rings an da contestants begin…

Wheelow, who iss standing in fur hiss Mischief while she iss at the horse race wif Sammy-Whee, watches as effurykit begins to eat the shrimpies. Each kit hass 100 shrimpies in front ob them. If they finish those they get 100 more and so on and so forth. Whee-low iss amazed at how much an how fast the kits are eating. He already haf to gif effurykit anofur 100 shrimpies.

Sammy watches frum the sidelines as the kits gobble down shrimp at record speed.  Gonzo sees Sammy nibbling Ritz crackers an meows not to fill up since Sammy has a lot of eggs to eat at the egg toss…Gonzo looks at his 29th shrimp and concedes the contest, he just doesn’t like his shrimps without sauce and he don’t got none.  Offur at the next table, Munchi starts slowing down,  Maybe I shouldn’t have had all those shrimp for lunch just before the contest , she thinks to herownself.

:: Tita comes runnin ober to da schwimpie eeting contest and notices dat da Muncher not consuming too much rite now… Well, dis be my golden opurrtunity, hur finks to hurownself. Since she not had anyfing to eet since early dis morning, she digs in wiff gusto! Munchie wooks up and catches site of widdle Tita awwmost inhaling dose schwimp. She be so surpwized hur just about drop da jumbo shwimp hur haff in hur mouf! Geez, I can’t wet hur beet me, what am I gonna do? Meenwhile, Tita’s count goes higher and higher….. Quentin in the corner, having practiced for days by eating Stars food, continues eating at a good clip. Daisy notices that a lot of the kits are starting to turn red.  At this point Quentin and Mijo are neck and neck for the win, tied at 13,000 shrimp each..they have put Munchie and Gonzo two champion eaters to shame.

Yikes!!!!!! Now Tita is neck and neck and neck wiff Mijo and quentin!

You blink for one second and all of a sudden other kits have joined the race and are winnink!

Well, they are now up to 15,000 shrimps and this looks like it will be going for awhile…..

Bob is right though about them starting to turn orange, and I am more than a little concerned……

Bob, prep yourself, today might be the first day you and tigger go up the tower and set off the safety siren. These three are resembling Navel oranges wiff four legs and I am starting to think we might have a little problem……


Bob glances offur at his sisfur , Daisy, whose luffly white furs are now a deep pink, she looks kind of like a furry flamingo.  Now Quentin begins to slow down, he is beginning to look like a pink, black and white calico.  He fears he will fall offur and haff to be rolled out.  Maybe I’ll do better at mouse catching he muses to hisownself.

Judge Mischief, yu tink maybe we bettur haff an ambulance or two standing by, wunner iffun Dr. MaxiRose is nearby…..dis be sum serious eating…..meehee ,

Twafis, da Official Sponsor for Munchie in dis contest sees hims serbices *may* be needed. He stands by Munchie and pats her brow an whiskas an ruff wif a wet wittle towel from time to time. He pats her back an her paws. Pace yourself, Lady. Remember, slow an steady wins da race. Let dem come out eatin tousands of schrimpies right from da start. You take it nice an slow an be consistant ~ dat will win dis contest fur you. You know an *I* know dat no kitt can eat the Num Nums like YOU can.

:::Twafis sits next to hims Miss Golden Eyes an stays ready to assist in any way. He *knows* she can be da weiner in dis one. He *juss* knows it.:::

Rootin for Munchie,
Twafis Davis

At dis point, daisy gets hur second wind and picks up the pace again..man dis a tight race, fur shure.

Whee-low looks at the kits dat are still eating. He wishes dat horse race wud get ofur so Mischief cud come an see wot iss going on. Not only iss effury turnung pink, but dere legs are getting longer an dere moufs wook almost wike beaks. If dey grow wings dey will surely wook more wike flamingos dan kits. Oh my, Oh my!

Whee=low rubs hiss eyes an wooks around. Did him fall asweep at hiss dooties or iss da kits reely turning into flamingos? An if dey are will dey turn back to kits wen they quit eating da shrimpies. DEre only be Quentin, Munchie, Mijo and Lilly left.

OK, dats it fur today, Timmy and the girls will be home soon.  Till next time