Over The Bounding Main, pt4

Vester is standing in the wheelhouse gazing out the windows when he sees Oreo coming up the ladder carrying a pot of catnip tea. ” Good morning dear”, she calls as he steps out to give her a paw.  Vester smooches her cheek and the two enter the wheel house to enjoy the early morning.  On the deck below other kits and goggies are starting to stir.  Smells of breakfast drift from the galley.  Vester calls out, “Caleb, hoist anchor, the wind is freshening.”  With that , he moves to the wheel and starts the engine to take them through the harbor and begin their long voyage across the Great Sea.

Some hours later they are far from land , moving briskly across the shining sea, the engine now silent, the Franci speeding along as she was meant to do, with the powerful breeze filling her sails.  Pretty Boy Floyd sits on the rail at the prow gazing ahead, his four hens gathered in the sun on the deck.  In the crows nest, the McDuck family keep watch.  Victoria MewYork reclines on her chaise lounge supervising the activities of the furs acting as deck hands. Others relax along the deck, basking in the sun.

Willow and Timmy stand at the rail looking out over the water, when suddenly a shadow flashes by.  “Ak, what was that, Timmy?”, Willow squeals.  “I don’t know, but look here it comes again.” he replies.  The shadow zips by once again, then suddenly leaps high out of the water.  “Oh, look, a dolphin,”  Willow exclaims.  The dolphin dives making barely a splash in the water, then pops up again alongside the boat , keeping pace.  “Hello,” Willow calls with a wave.  “Hello yourownself, ” the dolphin calls back. He gazes at them curiously.  “Bad manners on my part to ask,” he says, “but what kind of creatures are  you?  And what are you doing here on the Great Sea?”  Willow quickly explains that they are cats and dogs and chickens and ducks, and that they are on an adbenture to visit their Unka John in Hawaii.  “Wow, that sounds like quite an adbenchure, mind if I tag along ? ”  “Not at all, ” meows Willow.  “The more the merrier.”

The Franci sails on, and on and on.  The kits and goggies take turns with the chores and the time flies by.  Then late one afternoon, Gabby McDuck begins to quack excitedly from her post in the crows nest.  “Look, look, ” she quacks.  “Look at the sky.”  As the others come running to see what is going on, she points a wing toward the western sky.  A sky black as night with swirling clouds.  “Oh no,” Willow gasps.  “A storm is coming.  What can we do?”  At this moment Willows new friend the dolphin pops his head up from the now roughening sea.  “Follow me,” he calls.  “I know a place nearby where you can shelter.”  With a flip of his tail he darts away.  In the wheelhouse, Vester turns the big wheel to follow.  The Franci races along faster and faster before the ever strengthening wind.  A short time later , Gabby calls down again from the crows nest where she has by now tied herself down for safety.  “Land ho, I see land.”  A few minutes later palm trees come into view and a sandy shore appears.  The dolphin leads them around the small island to a cove. Vester quickly steers the boat into the cove through the breakers, watching carefully for reefs that might snag them. The sails are down and the anchor dropped in a snug little harbor.  Everyone bustles about battening down the Franci to wait out the coming storm.

Vester and Oreo come down from the wheelhouse and stand by the rail.  The dolphin swims lazily back and forth along the boat.  “Mr Dolphin,” Vester meows, “what is this island?  My charts show nothing in this part of the Great Sea.”  The dolphin looks up at Vester.  “That would be because it is not always here.  It only appears when there is need.  It is the home of the mermaids.  They keep it shrouded in mist.  I came ahead and spoke to them and they agreed to let you shelter here.  But you must never speak of what you see here.”  Vester muses for a moment. “Yes, I can understand that and I am sure I speak for all on board that we will not betray the secret.”  A strong gust of wind rocks the Franci violently.  “Come on , Oreo, I think we had better get inside.”  With a last look at the dolphin Vester asks, “will you be alright out here?”  “Oh, yes, I will be just fine,” the dolphin replies and ducks under water as a big wave rushes into the cove.  Vester and Oreo dash for the main cabin and enter.  It is filled with furs and feathers anxiously watching the skys and awaiting their fate.