The Perils of Gossip and A Happy Ending

Tenshun effery, class ish in sesshion!  Der lots more to know bout us cats….Now da Greek historian, Herodotus, left a record back in da V century BC, saying der were domestic cats in ancient Egypt, nearly 4000 years ago.  Now whether da cats decided to move in with men or vicey versey is not known and der nobuddy from back den around to ask.  Yes, I know, we cats have nine lifes, but dat would be a long time even for us!

Now those ancient Egyptians were pretty smart.  To them, the cat was considered a sacred animal.  The symbol of the Goddess Bastet was depicted as the head of a cat,  and da God of the Sun, Re, or was it Ra, no matter, he long gone into wetirement anywho, was also shown as a cat.   His eyes got narrow or wide depending on where da sun was in the sky, just like ours do.

Cats were well respected by da people back then.  Cats helped to protect da grain supplys and they were admired for der sexuality, grace, motherlyness and even for their mystery!  Death was the penalty for killing a cat, and one could lose a finger , or even a hand fur hurting one.  When the family cat made their trip to the bridge, the members of the family would cut off their headfurs and hold a mourning ceremony.  Cats were embalmed and put into coffins.  Many of these mummys can be found in temples and in the tombs of the Pharohs.  Now not only did cats protect the grain, they were also trained to hunt birds.  Pictures have been found in ancient tombs of cats with their human companion, on the hunt.

Now offur in Greece it took them awhile longer to smarten up.  You see, they had a big problem with rats and that brought in polecats and effun snakes.  Shudder, don’t like snakes, dey effun sneakier than we are.  Anywho, effentually the Greeks smartened up and got theirownselfs some cats.  Problem solved!

Okeedoke, dat’s it fur todays lesson, class dismissed.  Don’t know bout you, but I’m ready for some fun!

Okeedoke, I pwomised to meow you just why Pepper was so happy to get out of town for awhile,  dis is one of the reasons.     Pepper had been very busy running all over the Village telling efferyfur he met, that Sammywhee and Mrs Sandy Paws was with child. Now this little tayul did not sit well with anyfur in the Village.  OMD, what would Sandy Paws think?  Would he be so upset that effery would get coal in their Kitmas stocking?  Sandy  Paws, upon hearing the news, hit the floor with a thud..  not to wurry, it wasn’t a heart attack as the villagers first thought.   A good whiff of liver scented smelling saltz soon had him back on his paws.  Eventually the story reaches the ears of Sammywhee.  Being newly meowried, he and Jessica Reindeer had been off somewhere canoodling.  Anywho, Sammy hurries back to the village to hunt down Pepper.  “Pepper,” he whees. “Dats not what I told you!”  Then Sammy explains the real story to the rest of the villagers.  It seems that he and Jessica wanted to have reinwhees, but since s/n is only way to go, it presented them with a problem.  Mrs Paws , on hearing of their predicament, offered to bake some in her oven for them.  At which time Sammy pulls owt a pair of reinwhees and introduces them to effery.    Meeheehee, dis could almosht be one of those Aesops Fable things, on how gossip and rumors can get you in a whole lotta trouble.

By the way, you do know what a whee is don’t you?  For the uniformed, a whee is what some folk call racoons because of the whee sound they make.  Unka Sammywhee and his sisfur Chloewhee were residents of the Treehouse.  And that reminds me of some other unusual residents of the village, the pupkins.   One day , quite a few years back a young kit wandered into the village, a homeless stray by the name of Hagrid.  The Noblekits, who are related to the Treehouse gang , and lived next door, took poor Hagrid in.  With a warm bed and enough to eat, Hagrid grew into a lovely young ladykit.  But Hagrid had a secret.  She was with kit.  And she was single.  She couldn’t help but worry what would happen to her iffun effery found out about this.  Hagrid had made friends with many of the village residents, but her special friend was Lucky da Pup.  When she broke down and told him of hur plight, Lucky proposed on the spot.  Now, what else would a gentlelman doggie do?  Hagrid shed tears of joy, meowed yes and the two of them eloped.  Her babies were due soon and there was no time for a big weddink iffun the babies were  not to be born out of wedlock.  Anywho, the two of them slipped off to be meowried and soon after they returned the pupkins were born.  Hagrid and Lucky lived a happy life with their little fambly until Luckys sad demise a few years ago.  Hagrid still lives in the village.   She is  my dopted mom, Oreos dopted mom, and I am proud to call her gramma, as are many of the other members of the villages younger set.  And she is quite a seamstress too, designing and making just bout all our wedding gowns and hollyday clothes…Anywho dats the story uf Hagrid and Lucky and how the pupkins came to be.

Wanna see a couple more  pickshurs?  Okeedoke

                                                                                           Meeheehee, Unka Lucky da Pup , champion snoozer   

                          Aunty Franci as a babykit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This is one uf our favorite hang outs, Toona Fawlls 

And member da story of the hot air balloon ride? 

Wats dat sound?  Ohhhhhhhh, the can opener!  Gotta go , it”s suppertime…see ya round like a donut



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