School Days and a Herokits Tayul

Willow walks into da classroom and over to the blackboard.   She picks up the pointer and raps it loudly on her desk.  Dood morning class.  Now dat I haff your attention we can begin todays lesson.  We are going to learn about the history of CATS!

Now da first true cats were around bout 12 million years ago, what the humans call da Pliocene Period.  Purrsistant cwitters aren’t we?  Anywho those furry early cats evolved into the Forest Cat, the Asiatic Desert Cat, and the African Wild Cat.  Now dey think us cats of today descended from the African Wild Cat.  And the first domestic cats were in Egypt bout 3000 years ago.  Those  poor guys had to work for a living protecting the Egyptians grain for da rats.  Brrrrrrr, rats, giff me da cweeps dey do.  Now a nice , tasty little bob, dat anuffur case.  But I digress.   Da basic domestic cat is a descendant uf those fellows.  Did ya know cats did not naturally inhapit North America?  Nope, dey didn”t.  The first North American cats came over with the explorers and settlers.  More poor working stiffs they were.  Earned their passage keeping the ships stores safe from those dadgum rats.  Whats wit those humans?  Did they think we were rat chatchers or something?  You ever see a rat?  Some of those buggers are big as me!  Well, anywho, that’s how we got here.

Now the idea of cat breeds didn’t come bout till da middle of the nineteenth century when some human got the bright idea to invent the cat show.  Sheesh.  Well then folk started picking out what they liked on this cat and what they liked on that cat and putting them together to get a new cat.  Kinda like Frankenstein.  Humans!  Sometimes I think dey got too much time on their paws.  How would they like it iffun we did that to them?  NOT ,I think!  But that was how breeds were developed.  And just look at what that has come to.  Poor flat faced Persians with the weepy eyes and runny noses they can barely breathe through.  Harumpf!  Don’t get me wrong, some of my best buds are Persians.  Cousin Caleb is even meowried to one.

Now did you know we cats were the victims of religious persecution for many years.  Yup, just cause some of the pagan religions thought we were Gods,  well guess you can’t blame them for that. Just look at us.   Other folks executed us as agents of the devil!  Luckily the humans developed a brain at last and that little problem is well on the decline.  Shuddering…is there a draft in here?  Well of course we were gods, still are for that matter.  The Egyptians even had hymns about us  like this one..

Oh, holy Cat! Your head is the head of the God of Sun, your nose is the nose of Thoth, who is thrice more majestic than Hermopolis. Your ears are the ears of Osiris who can hear the voices of those who mention him. Your mouth is the mouth of Ammut, the master of life who protect you from dirt. Your heart is the heart of Fut.
Egypt, VI century BC.

Meeheehee, now dats more like it!  Though I must admit I didn’t know a fut could have a heart.  Thought they was always someplace in the chest. Oh, well…..ok that’s nuff school for today…it’s story time..

Remember when Sammywhee meowried Jessica Reindeer and her sister Peter (dont ask) wanted to meowry Pepper

A snowy day.

Snow came to the village just before Kitmas.  Sammywhee went for a walk in the woods and decided to invite his friends to enjoy a day playing in the snow or a day by the fire with Chloewhee.  Gramma Munchie arrives with carmel corn and a video of A Wunnerful Life.  She is not much interested in outdoor sports.  Eating is enough of a sport for her and she is a champion at it.  Chlohwhee makes hot chocolate for effery and gets out mousemallows to toast on the fire.  Meanwhile, in another part of the village, Shorty tells Pepper and all the kittlins to bundle up. She has a surprise for them.  They join her on the porch as a horsie drawn sleigh pulls up in front of the house.  They clamber aboard, even Pepper, although he has on so many clothes he can barely move, and start off down  the street for a tour of the village.  It is beautiful with the snow falling, the houses lit with Kitmas lights and the glowing Kitmas trees in the windows.  Finally , they head for the Treehouse to join the party.  They have a wonderful time playing in the fresh fallen snow, a snowball fight, building a snowman, making snow angels.   And a wonderful day was had by all..even though Pepper only lasted about ten minutes outside.

A Lucky Day

Pepper opens his mail and finds a call to arms.  He has been called up by the Meowchat Army for a secret mission.  Da orders been signed by Pres. Shrubbery his ownself.  Considering half da village wants to kill me deadur than a doornail, dis a dood time to get outta town, Pepper thinks.  He puts on his uniform and heads for the MCV airport.  Soon he is flying high in the sky on his way to Iraq.  Upon landing he recieves the details of his mission and proceeds to carrying them out.  He heads off into the desert and starts to dig.  And dig and dig and dig and dig some more.  At last he reaches his goal.  There he his hiding in a hole, ol’ Sadman Hoosane hisownself.  Pepper quickly scruffs him and drags him bock out through the tunnel he dug.  At the end he tosses him into a cage that someone has thoughtfully provided, locks the door and swallows the key.  Meanwhile, back in the village, General Pita, on hearing the new of Peppers deed, heads for his office, grumbling all the way about all the paperwork he now has to do.  Babba goes around the village meowing to effery that none of it is true, that Pepper is just a big liar, he meows.  He has it on good authority that Pepper didn’t lock him up, but wanted to meory him.  That he had been begging and pleading for them to let Sadman go .  Now this finally reaches Shorty.  She grabs her parasol an goes in search of Babba.  She shakes hur parasol at Babba and meows for him to take that back.  Her Pepper is not a liar , he is a hero.  Babba threatens to spank her iffun she dosn’t put the parasol away.  By this time his plane has landed and Pepper disembarks.  He looks around and sees  Shorty beating Babba over the head with her parasol while he spanks her…Sheesh, Pepper thinks, I might as well have stayed in the war zone, its just as bad here.  He goes over to them and meows to Shorty, maybe iffun you stop beating him over the head he will stop spanking you, but to no avail.  Shorty has a mind of her own and she is in a temper.  Pepper decides to go over to the grandstand where General Pita is waiting to present him with a bronze star.  Pepper takes his medal and waves to the cheering crowd, then heads off into the village to find somefur to bronze his bronze star so he can safely put it on the mantle with the bronzed baby shoes…

More later about why Pepper was in so much trouble.

I was looking through the fambl album last night and thought you might like to see  some of them…Gramma Shorty in the fur

Here she is skiing on Mt Freshstep                                          And zooming along in her snowmobile 

Meeheehee, she was something else!

A house without a cat is the home of a scoundrel…..Portugese Proverb

Remember when….OSLO, Norway (AP) – Keiko, the killer whale who gained fame starring in the “Free Willy” movies, has died in a Norwegian bay that he made his home after a 10-year campaign failed to coax him back to the open seas.

Keiko, who was about 26 years old, died Friday after suddenly contracting pneumonia in the Taknes fjord in Norway.***

Okeedoke, I’m gettin behind on my sleep.  Only got in 22 hours today….see ya later



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