Fambly Secrets

Meows there,  good to see you again.  The hoohmans (humans)  been kinda busy round here.  Well Aunty Fwitters has anywho.  Mommy was kinda lazy yesterday, trying to figure out the new aim.  Not gonna tell ya what she was saying bout it, most of it was tossable,  thought i was gonna have to get out my earmuffs.  Some of it wasn’t suitable for the ears of a upstanding kit like me.  But I digress.  What should we meow about today.  How bout fambly.  Famblys can be very interesting.  Especially in the village.  Actually, it seems like every in the village is realated one way or the other.  Oh, before I forget, we have a weddink coming up later this month.  Yup, Sylvie Wiscat and Taki Noblekit are tying the knot.  MOL (meow out loud)  you haven’t lived till you have been to a meowchat weddink.  Come join the festifities if you like, though it’s not a good place for a novice to start.  But effery is welcome…

Okeedoke, fambly.  Guess my own would be a good place to start since that’s the one I know best.  The first to move to the village was Gramma Shorty.  With her came LuckydaPup, a retired grayhound racer.  The two were lifelong best buds.   They actually made their trip to the bridge together.  Anywho, they moved into the village and Shorty, sweet, young, innocent that she was, and iffun you believe that I have some ocean front property in Aridzona I could sell you, fell in love with a slightly older, devil may care kit about town named Pepper.  He , too, was smitten and the two of them soon meowried (married).  Now, I have heard some stories bout dat weddink.  Must’a  been wild.  Rumor has it the groom had to be propped up at the altar by his groomsmankits.  You see, they got meowried in a meadow filled with flowers and he had an allergy to them.  Offur dosed on antihistamines.  But they got through it and what’s a weddink without a hiccup or two, or three, or four, five, anywho.  Now Pepper and Shorty had a daughter.  That would be my aunty Franci.  They also had a number or cyberkits.  Pepper just loved having kittlins.  Yes, yes I know he was a male, but this is MCV.  Told ya before, anything is possible there.  You would be surprised how often a kit is in several places doing different things at the same time.

Franci was a luffly (lovely) wannameezer.  For the uniforemed, that’s a siamese with a little something extra thrown in.   She grew up in the village with numerous other kittlens and one special kittlen named Antares.  Also known as Tares or antenna ears…meeheehee.  Tares is an Abysinnian.  Have you ever seen an Aby kittlen?  Tiny little body and biiiiiiiiiiiig ears.  He grew into those ears very handsomely by the way.   Eventually, Tares pwoposed, Franci said yes, and they got meowried.  I hear that was some weddink.  A twoo fairyttayul  one.  Franci as Cinderella kit, complete with glass slipper, mommy still has it tucked away somewhere, and Tares as Prince Charming.  They even had a magical Punkin Coach to ride in.  I’ve seen a picture of it.  If I can find it I will try to show it to you iffun I can figure out how to do that.  And they had a wonderful life together in the village.  Franci often had a “different” way of looking at things, or doing things.  An example,  as a kittlin, Franci was told “neffur play with matches”.  So what did Franci do? She got a flame thrower.  Hate to think how many times she she singed her furs trying to light the oven or the grill.  As Tare has often been heard to meow, life was never boring with Franci.

She was also an excellent buisnesskit, adding to the fably fortune.  She started out with The Purreshush Antiks an Collectibuls Shop , which she inherited from her mom Shorty, alont with the Flying Fishie Fish Market, inherited from Unkle LuckydaPup.  To this she added the Tea Shoppe, and she and Tare also bought the Nine Lifes Bar and Grill.  Franci loved to have fun and adventure.  Before she and Tare meowried, she had a furry good buddy and partner in crime, TarrigoNY.  Tarrigo is a puppy and the two of them turned poor Abymoms headfurs (hair) grey on many an occasion.  Abymom is our furless leader.Like building the pond for Bella.  Or turning the Meowchat Chat Room into aa amusement park.  The started with a ferris wheel, then later added a rollercoaster, followed by a merry go round and bumper cars.  And then there was the time they found the magic beans and planted them.  And they grew and they grew and they grew right through the roof and up into the clouds.  Of course Franci and Tarrigo had to climb it.  At the top they found Giant Land and went exploring.  They found a golden goose and decided to “liberate” it.  What else could they do.  It wasn’t fair the goose had to live in a pen.  But the giant objected and chased them.  They got back down the pole and Tarrigo grabbed his chainsaw a cut off the top of the stalk, managing to escape the giant.  But now they still had a big bean stalk in the middle of the room.  Oh well, no sense letting it go to waste. So, they built a tree house in it.  But I digress yet again, I’m suppose to be meowing bout family.

Now Franci had a sisfur (sister) whose name is Oreo.  That’s my mamma.  And Oreo is meowried to Vester Idyho.  And Franci and Tare had  kitlins.  Pixie Dust, she just finished college and is trying to establish hurownself as a fashion designer.  And there are also Joe and Mau, they now run the Antike Shoppe and drive race cars.  And then there is Sly, a lovely youngmankit.  He was engaged to Badger Idyho, but she made her trip to the bridge before the nuptuals took place.  He has currently been seen in the company of another young ladykit from the Idyho Clan, Tasha.  Have to keep an eye on that, could be something brewing there.  Tare has also been seen around the village with Missy Noblekit, a cousin of Franci’s .   They do make a lovely couple.  Franci would approve, she was very fond of her cousin Missy.  As I meowed, Oreo and Vester are my parents.  Poor daddy Vester, he used to be a handsum black tuxi.  He says its all my fault his furs have turned grey.  But he goes around these days with a big grin on his face.  Now that I have kittlins of my own, you would think the mankit would have a little sympthy for me with all the trouble those two make.  Sheesh!  Yes my hubbykit Timmy Snowta and I recently dopted Peggy and Polly, also known as the Bobbsy Twins.  Those two are gonna be the death of me, or theirownselfs, one of these days iffun they don’t stop putting motors on everything.   I just don’t know what to do with those girls.  They even put a hot rod motor on Queen Kasha’s wheelychair at Smig and JD’s weddink last month.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

Now, who is next?  Oh, yes, cousin Caleb.  Caleb is what we call a sobol, sweet orange bundle of love.  And his daddy is Tuffer Idyho.  He dosn’t have a momkit, Tuff never meowried and the two of them batchlerkitted it till Caleb got meowried to Jordi Snowta.  Caleb is quite the entrepenurekit.  As a teen he rigged up an micecweam (ice cream) cart and pulled it round the village selling his pawmade micecweam.  He turned that into a micecweam shop with his business pawrtner, Paloma Abycat.  Efferyone loves his pawmade micecweams.  Now Jordie, or Jojo as she is sometimes called is also pawrtnered with Paloma in the Candy Shoppe. They make all their own candies.  And just recently Caleb and Jojo bought the old farm across the road from Cloverblossom Farm.  Now that is another interesting little tayul.  The farm had been vacant for many years, the fields and orchards offurgrown, the buildings in disrepair. Gonna be a lot of work fixing it up.  But that’s ok, the villagers are always ready to lend a helping paw, as long as you feed them.  But the interesting thing, when they went inside the old farmhouse it wasn’t empty.  Everything was still there as if the fambly had just walked out da door one day an neffur came back.  Can we all meow the Mary Dear.  The furniture was in place, dishes in the cupboards, linens on the beds, mail and papers in the desk.  Furry , furry, strange.  But they are working hard and in two shakes of a lambs tayul they will have it all fixed up.

And that brings us to great aunty Tita.  Tita used to be a Hulakit, but when her daddy retired to Hawaii she came to live with us.  The Lady Tita can be quite the tyrant when she wants to,  she is a torti and you know how kits with the red gene are, lottsa tude.  Tita is meowried to General Pita Alaskit.   In her younger days she traveled around the country giving hula lessons.  She and her hubbykit also ran the village real estate office.  Now she is helping Tare run the Nine Lifes Bar and Grill.    Bet she could tell us a tayul or two, but she is kinda closed mouthed.  Hafta get ahold of Unka John and see if he will give me an interview, he knows all her secrets.  Well, thats my fambly, gotta luff um..

Helen adored him and each evening I thought afresh that a nice cat washing his face by the hearth gave extra comfort to a room.”

–James Herriot, Cat Stories

Remember when the Snowtakits got their revenge on gramma for compaining  about Sam being on the Thanksgiving table.  After all, he was just making sure it was properly set!
Wonder if she ever noticed they redecorated her basket.
Kitten Quote
“If stetching were wealth, the cat would be rich.”
African Proverb

Remember when Baba volunteered as Sandy Paws helper and Sandy Paws assigned him the job of watching effery in the Village.  Baba put on a red suit and got up on stilts so he could see effery better.

Remember when Andre Wiskit and Maria Noblekit set their weddink date…Friday, Nofembur 19th, 2003

Remember Sarge and Izzy

Remember the Kitmas lists.. http://forums.connectedbypets.com/viewarch.php?id=33003,33003&key=2003

Kitten Quote
. “A kitten is always one whisker away from getting into trouble,
And another whisker away from melting your heart.”

Kitten Quote
“Like those great sphinxes lounging through eternity
In noble attitudes upon the desert sand,
They gaze incuriously at nothing, calm and wise.”
Charles Baudelaire

Pepper Quote
“You can stuff a turkey with no great consequences but if you stuff a cat full of a 25# turkey, 5# of cornbread dressing, 1# mashed potatoes and gravy, 1# candied sweet yams, 6 dinner rolls with butter, 1# asparagus, 1# baby peas and 9 olives and 2 celery sticks and 4 radishes,… something got to giff!!” (burp)…..

Kitten Quote
I drink skim milk; kitty laps up cream.
If asked who’s in charge here, which would it seem?”

Okeedoke,  I’m off for now.  See ya soon!


kitten quotes courtesy of Poucette Wiskit





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