This and That and a Fanksgiving Tayul

Hot Catnip Time
Remember when,Pita, Shorty n Pepper, MaxieRose, Baba, Munchie an Sammywhee were sitting in a cabin playing scrabble and Babba hid da vowels?
Kitten Quote
“We may believe the earth revolves around the sun.
Cats know they’re the true center of the universe.
Just try to convince one otherwise!”
Remember Peppers handkerchief collection?  He had one fur effery occasion.
Remember  when Pepper heard the rumour that his  friend Mr Snowhite, da albino deer went to the bridge.  Did we effur find out iffun that was true?
The deer lived in the woods behind his house for almost two years and they watched it grow from a fawn.  It disappeared one day during hunting season.And how wheesmom would sneak out into the woods behind their house and take down the hunting blinds, hauling the stuff away…shhhhhhhh, don’t meow on her.
Remember Sammywhees transpurter, his version of a teleporter since he didn’t like to fly?
Kitten Quote
“Purring would seem to be, in her case,
An automatic safety-valve device for dealing
With happiness overflow.”
Monica Edwards
Pepper Quote
Iffn you iz bad on Monday and reely bad on Tuesday, plan on getting a good scolding on Wednesday. That happened to me…. last week. And the week before, too, actually.
A Munchie Proverb
“tact iz da unmeowed part ob what you finking”  Great gramma Munchie was a furry wise ladykit
Remember “The Circle of Thanks and Peace”.  On Fanksfiffing day all the furs, and their humans too, join paws in a big circle .  They meow or woof, whateffur the case may be, what they are thankful for and meow a prayer for those in want or need.
Kitten Quote
“Kittens are always thankful for attention, food and a warm place to sleep–and we’re always thankful when they’re contented, full and quietly sleeping.”
Remember this?  Unka Sammywhees holiday siggy.
Twas da howliday season an awl tru da howse… Da pots awl need sturrink an whees making a stuffed mouse So leef whees a message an takes speshul care…. whees meow u back an hopes dat u dare… So iffin whees juss busy heres, ur juss owts of sites Happwhee howlidays 2 u awl, an whees meow wif u 2nites…
Ok, nuff uf dis an dat.  Now I fink I gonna meow to you a bit bout Pepper an Shorty.  Dey ish my gwand pawrents.  An iffun you think I is looney toons, you will see I come by it naturally.  Pepper was “a fine little dood”, famous fur his wit and humour and fur his lavender tuxedo, his handkerchief collection, and his xxxx fur perms.  Quite the dandy was grampa Pepper.  Before they met, Pepper was also quite the kit about town, he would meowry (marry) anything that didn’t move and a whole lot that did.  He even meowried an alien from outer space once.  But once he met Shorty he seemed to settle down a bit, Shortys parasol may well have had a bit to do with that, but that is neither here nor there.  He was a good hubbykit for the most part, he even had their kittlins (kittens) for them so Shorty wouldn’t have to do it, usually twins.  They had quite a large fambly.  And Shorty was famous for her parasol.  Actually, she had a collection of them, but her favorite was her hubbykit straighten upper.  That one had a steel shaft and a sharp point and she seldom left home without it. And she was not afraid to use it,  not only on Pepper, but on any other critter that crossed her.  That parasol got her a promotion and a medal in the Iraq war, but that’s a story for another time.  Anywho, this little tayul is a hollyday (holiday) adventure in Mew York City.

With Fanksgiving nearly upon them, Shorty gets the great idea of a trip to Mew York City with all the kittlins (kittens).  Pepper agrees and she begins to make plans.  Maxie Rose agrees to act as tour guide and Sammy SouthFlawida asks to come along.  Gramma Munchie also joins the party.  Shorty sets the kitlins to packing their bags and heads off to the village for some shopping.  After all, a kit can’t go on a shopping trip in Mew York City without shopping for new clothes first.  Finally they get on the plane and fly off to the City.  Gramma Munchie, Sammy and Maxie meet them at the airport.  They get settled in at the hotel, this takes awhile what with Shorty’s, bags, those of the kitlins and Peppers 32 pieces of Gucchikit luggage, without which he goes nowhere.  Then they head off for lunch.  As usual,  Gramma Munchie is starving and lacking an all you can eat buffet she settles for ordering one of everything on the menu.  After lunch, Munchie takes the kittlins off to see how the balloons for the parade are filled.  She has an in with the HotAirKit that works there, and the kitlins get to push the button to fill the big balloon of their hero, Garfield.  At last they head for MaxieRoses apartment for a sleep offur of pillow fights and water balloons.  Shorty takes note of how grown up Sammy has become, and what a big help he is with the kittlens.

She and Pepper decide to take advantage of Maxi having the kittlens to go see a show.  Having seen Mousetrap several times without every getting a mouse, they decide on Cats.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .  Next mornig everykit heads off to see the bit Fanksgiffin parade.  Out on the street they find a good viewing spot and soon the parade begins.  A policekit motorcade is followed by marching bands, floats, and of course the big balloons.  Some acting troupes appear, the kittlins love the one from The Little Shop of Horrors, and oh my doodness, here comes  Garfield.  Akkkkkkkk, what is that hanging from him.  Oh my doodness, it’s Unka Sammywhee!  What on earth is he doing up there?  The parade begins to wind down and at long last there he is, Sandy Paws (Santa Clause) hisownself.  He waves to the crowds and the kittlins wave back, cheering and calling to him , telling him how they have been good kittlins.  After the parade, they all go for hot chocolate and then a trip to the Natural History Museum…you kittlens get down from there, you can’t ride the dinosaurs!

Their final day in Mew York City,  Shorty, Munchie and Maxi spend the morning shopping, while the kittlins go to Central Park for ice skating.   First a trip to FAO Shwartzkits for Kitmas  (Christmas) toys, then off to Cats 5th Ave for new wardrobes.  And yes, Shorty really does need all those clothes since Pepper frequently raids her closet to “borrow” them.  A few other shops for gifts for fwends (friends) and fambly and back to the hotel for a quick lunch.  The afternoon is spent on a ferry boat ride and a visit to Lady Liberty.  It is raining, but the bright colored rainwear just makes the kittlens easier to keep track of as they race about and streak up the stairs to her crown…finally its back to the airport and home to MCV..

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tayul,  come back again soon..

by the way, kitten quotes are courtesy of Poucette Wiscat

headbonks, Willow


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