We’re in da Army Now

an not behind da plow….oh, meows effery, yu shnuk up on me…not nice to do dat to a kit.  Well, anywho, today we are gonna meow bout the Meowchat Army.  We furs are a furry patriotic bunch  ya know.  Ready to go to da rescue of da downtrodden and those in danger at the drop of a glitterball.    Furst off, let me intoduce some of the troops.  General Pita is in charge, by da way, he is the hubbykit of my greaty aunt Tita.  Capt. Rev. Michael is in charge of spiritual and emotional concerns.   Sam and Norton are in charge of office supplys with the able insistance of Pvt. Polly St.Louie.  Gotta keep close watch on those office supplys,  ya never know when the stapler may go on the attack.  Furry dangerous job.  In charge of the BOB2S squad are Lt. Chloe, Sgt. Melanie and Pvt. Cassie.  The nursing corp is in the capable paws of Maj. Bearbear and her assts.  Lt. Muffin and 1st Lt. Munchkin, along with a number of others.  Dr.Maxie Rose heads the hot air balloon dept. with her sidekick Mrs jupiter.   Among da troops are Pvt. Shorty with her deadly parasol.  She kept the tip well sharpend  and wieled it expertly.  Most villagers are in the army. 

Anywho, let me tell you the story of one of their missions.   Now the meowchat chat room is an interesting place.  It’s more than just a place to sit and talk. It contains a number additions thanks to the efforts of Shorty, Franci and Tarrigo the puppy.   Much to the chagrin of our furless leader Abymom, they have made a few alterations over the years.  One of those is a pond.  It’s a great place to catch fish  for a fishfry  during chat, or to take a ride over to the island they built in the middle of the pond, on one of the paddle boats.  Now there is a purrfectly good reason to have a pond in the chatroom, it is the home of Bella the whale.  One night , on his way into chat, Tarrigo found her on the doorstep and of course she couldn’t just be abandoned.  So he and Shorty got to work and built her a home.  What else could they do.

Anywho, one day a report came in that Bella was missing.  It didn’t take long for the villagers to figure out that she had been kidnapped by the neighboring village of Barksville for their new aquarium.  The troops quickly gathered to plan her rescue.  They quickly gathered ammo in case a litterbox mission was needed and sat down to make a plan.  When they were ready, they climbed into the troop truck with Franci at the wheel, and headed for Barksville under cover of darkness.  Most of the troops spread out to surround the village.  Franci stayed with the truck so they could escape at a moments notice.  Mya, Tarrigo and Riley, being goggies and able to blend in with the populace along with Sammywhee in his scuba gear, he always wanted to be a navy seal, slipped into the village in search of Bella.   At last they find Bella but realize Sammy is no longer with them.  Utho, was he captured?  He is the one who is sposed to give the signal for the truck to come pick up Bella.  Can’t worry bout it now, just get on with the mission and get Bella in the net so they can lift her onto the trailer.  Franci waits impatiently in the truck, hoping the troops don’t run out of ammunition.

At last the goggies find Bella and let her know they are there.  She helps them get the net around her.  Meanwhile, Franci , who can no longer stand the suspense, decides to drive the truck into the village instead of waiting for the signal.  She parks outside the the aquarium and runs in to find the others.  Crash, who has joined the goggies in the aqarium sees her and yells for Franci to hurry over and help them, expaining Sammy has disappered.  They get Bella loaded just as an alarm goes off.  As the truck speeds off, Crash runs to tell the troops to head for the truck.  Just outside the gates, Franci screechs to a halt and the troops climb onboard.  Then she takes off down the road as fast as the truck will go, back to the safety of Meowchat Village.

Meanwhile, back in Barksville, Mya , who has stayed behind unnoticed, goes in search of Sammywhee.  She finally finds him in the bottom of the tank.  Sammy explains that he couldn’t help with the net, so he decided to make a hole in the tank and had been blocking said tank with his paws.  Once Bella was safe he let go and the water rushed out into the streets knocking the goggies to da ground so the others could escape.  Mya helps Sammy out and tells him to get on her back.  With Sammy hanging on for dear life, Mya takes off at top speed and races the two of them back to MCV.

And that concludes the tayul of The Kidnapping of Bella the Whale

If you have been enjoying my stories about the furrie inhabitants of Meowchat Village, stay tuned right here for further tayuls.  Or come visit us at  http://thecuriouscatcafe.com/?nr=0   You can also visit us on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/TheCuriousCatCafe

Privat Willow, signing off


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