Up, Up and Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy in

Hello, gabby Willow the  bratcat is back.   A little news for you, I have earned a new moniker.  Member how I was telling you how the humans repaired our pen in the out?  Well, let me tell ya, I managed to find a way to the big out anyway, meeheehee.   Mommy says I’m to smart fur my own good.  So now Houdini kit has been added to my list of names.  You really don’t wanna hear all of them.  We will keep them to the less tossable, if you get my drift.  The down side of all this is that the door to the out is closed till further notice.  Mommy says me and my hubbykit , Timmy, are well matched.  He is also a great escape artist and he and his sibkits can’t go out to their pen until it gets rebuilt either.   Well, since the subject has come up, let me tell you a bit about my village family.  Timmy is a very handsome SOBLO (sweet orange bundle of love).  And like me, he is a mighty hunter.  He loves to catch snakes and mice in his cellar.  By the way, I have caught five bobs since we came to Idyho.  Timmy lives on a farm in Snowtaland (Minnesota).  And we have twin daughterkits named Peggy and Polly, also known as the Bobbsy Twins.   They live at Timmy’s house in the human world.  Meeheehee, the girls are a chip off the old block too.  They can drive their human mom nutso.  Anywho, in the village we are busy hard working kits.  I run the Teashop in the village, do almost all my own baking, along with my good friend, Simi Wiskit.  I also have the  Flying Fishie Fish Market.  I inherited both of these from my Aunty Franci.  The twins work part time at the fish market.  And, Timmy and I also have a bait shop and take furs on camping trips on Mt. Freshstep.  I am also running fur sherriff.  Wow, iffun I win the election, I get a badge and gun and even a nightstick.  Ummm, that’s a water gun, by the way.  Those things are amazingly effective against miscreant kits.  Anywho, I figure if I’m sherriff it will keep me out of trouble with the law.  I do have a tendency to leap before I look.  Like a couple weeks ago.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, don’t ya know.  Aunty Fritters riding grass eater (lawnmower) was just sitting there doing nothing, so I decided to soup it up for her.  Well of course I had to take it for a test drive.  Cranked her up and off I roared down the road and through the village.  Boy that thing can move now.  But then there were sirens behind me, utho, cheese it da coppers, so I headed back and made it home without them catching me.  However, there was Aunty Fritters waiting.  Arms crossed, foot tapping, Utho.  She was not happy.  She was hissed that I hadn’t asked permission.  But as I explained to her, not that it did any good, If I had asked, she would have said no.  Humans, what can we do with them.  Anywho, moving on.


Last night I was meowing with Aunty Topaz.  She is the matriarch of the Idyho clan.   Gotta watch out for her, she is another tortie (tortishell) and like calicos , they have a lot of tude.  Gettin on the wrong side of one of them is NOT a good idea.  Anywho, she told me about an adventure from back in her younger days.   It seems some of the kits decided to  take a ride in a hot air baloon.  And one of the kits, his name she said was Gonzo, was a big tease and prankster.  Now Aunty Topaz has this spot on her face and she is a bit sensitive about it and gonzo kept making teasing remarks.  She kept telling him to stop, but Gonzo being Gonzo, didn’t.  Finally she had enough and tore into him, turning him into a sphynx kit.  Now keep in mind, Topaz is a ten pound tortie and Gonzo was a 20 pound mainecoon kit.  Ya see what I mean about the tude?  Well, the other kits felt sorry for Gonzo in his nekkidness, so they covered him with glue and combed out all their loose furs and stuck them on him.

Okeedoke, gotta go fur now, it’s half past my nap time.  See ya later!


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