What You Don’t Know About Your Cats

Now you may think you know your cat, or dog, or bird, or any other animal you live with, but there is plenty you don’t know.   We have whole other lives that you have not been privy too.  My friends and I live in a place called Meowchat Village.  The Village came into being many years ago when a bunch of kits were playing softball.  One kit started to roll and as he rolled along he started calling out the names of shops and businesses that he passed and next thing you know there it was.  A whole village just for animals.  Then all the kits set up businesses and built houses and they dug tunnels from the places they lived with their humans to the village so they could travel back and forth undetected.  Meowchat Village was born.  The Village is a wonderful place where anything is possible.  Over the years the village grew, furs come, furs go.  Sadly the Memorial Garden is fuller than we like to see.  But that is the way of life, the old move on to make place for the young.  Dosn’t mean we have to like it, that’s just the way it is.

And the Village grew.  Other animals came to live there, whees , goggies, birds, horsies, all friendly animals are welcome.  The number one rule is “We don’t eat our friends”!  But boy do we love to eat.  And party.  Almost any occasion can become a reason for a party or picnic.  Long as it involves foodies.  And I must meow, we have some furry dood cooks in the Village.  And you haven’t lived till you have been to a Meowchat wedding! Yup, we meowry, (marry) for the uninformed, and raise families, by doption of course, spay and neuter is the only way to go.  Every thinking fur knows that.  And we have adbentures.  Meeheehee, just thinking bout the time Aunty Franci stole the leprechauns gold.    And when the kits climbed Mt Everest and planted the Meowchat flag at the top.  Or when they went to Rio.  There is still a picture somewhere of Gramma Munchie in her red bikini.  She was some looker.  Almost took one of those gaucho kits home with her, meeheehee.   The Spring Fair was lots of fun as were the kitty olympics.  And some days are just lazy, going to the Micecweam parlor on a summer night,  out to dinner at one uf da many Village eaterys.  Or a cookout at Toona Falls, hiking on Mt. Freshstep.  Or just going for a walk in the woods behind Catnip Farm.  Yup, always something fun to do in Meowchat Village.

If this sounds like the place for you, come meet the gang at our favorite hangout….thecuriouscatcafe.com      or you can also visit us at thecuriouscatcafe on facebook


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